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Schynige Platte

New the most beautiful wallpapers of Mypictures together on this page

Welcome !

Mypictures is a photographic perspective of Switzerland Tourism, presented images of some wonderful places to visit.
You can browse through beautiful mountain hikes in the Bernese Oberland and the the Swiss National Park, visiting Lakes, waterfalls, caverns and discover extraordinary landscapes with the author site's photographer.

Some galleries show the canton of Ticino with the city of Locarno, lake Maggiore, the Val Verzasca, other images are arranged by themes such as sunset, sunrise, autumn images. Part of the site consists of pictures features including a souvenir of Expo 02 (previous website). For a good overview of the galleries I suggest you go through the menu page.

Using the site

When you visit a gallery you can navigate from one image to another by clicking on the picture: 1/3 left = before, 1/3 = right next 1/3 = middle picture in large format in a new window.

To use the images as wallpaper you must click on the central part of the image (large image) so that it opens in a new window HD 1920/1200 or 1400/1050 following the pictures. Then right click on the image and go to the "select the image as wallpaper" or "set as desktop wallpaper" according to the version of operating system.

Concerning the conditions for use of the images thank you to check out the link "droits des images" now at the top of each page.

Enjoy your visit !

I hope you enjoy your visit to Mesimages hoping that you will enjoy and admire the beautiful landscapes that you will use them as wallpaper.

Latest galleries updated (adding images)

Millennium Neuchâtel - Giessbach falls - Blue Lake


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